“That happens very rarely, but whenever it happens a part of paradise falls on the earth. Two persons, neither independent nor dependent but in a tremendous synchronicity, as if breathing for each other, one soul in two bodies: whenever that happens, love has happened.”

Osho Rajneesh


Italy is the country with the most monuments in the world. A lot of them are churchs where  wedding cerimonies were celebrated from centuries.

In addition to the churches there are a lot of historic buildings, villas and castles, they are the perfect location for a civil cerimony.

Gulf of Naples, Sorrento and Amalfi Coast, Capri and Ischia Island, these will be the enchanting scene for your wedding party. We take care of the complete organization of your wedding. We will build together the happiest day of your life, we design emotions with professionalism and passion.

Say your wishes and we will make them true!



Administrative procedures in civil and religious matters

Best villas, exclusive locations, castles, sailers,  luxury hotel, scenic venues

Guests accommodation

Scenic design


Dress for her and him

Photography and videography services

flower arrangement

Lighting and fireworks

Cake Design

Musical entertainment and Animation

Rental cars, helicopters and boats

Creation and  development of graphic design for invitations, booklet making, menus

Wedding Rings


Hen and stag

Wedding web vision