“A man who works with his hands is a laborer, a man who works with his hands and his brain is a craftsman, but a man who works with his hands and his brain and his heart is an artist.”

Louis Nizer

Manual labor in Campania is an art that will never cease to exist. Campania excels in a lot of products of artisans, in different fields, as the handmade sandals, typical of Capri Island and Sorrento and Amalfi coast.

You can observe a shoemaker who manufactures these typical shoes, his work is a secret preserved by family, from father to son.

You can explore narrow streets and found old ledies who make crochet, probably teaching to new generationstheir secrets, and then bookbinders, basket weavers, artists of wrought iron, these are just some of the realities that you can still discover, with the satisfaction of bringing at home something truly unique.


Local Products

Nativity, The Capodimonte porcelains, The Dolls Hospital, The goldsmiths village, Neapolitan tailoring.

Day trips

Guided tour of the city.

Guided tour of the Museum of porcelain of Capodimonte.

Guided tour of the dolls hospital. Here the artisans repair legs, arms and pieces of dolls coming from all the world. They renew their clothes and oil their mechanisms. You can found it walking along decumano, it has the ancient sign of white and red wrought iron. The first aid works usually with dolls but there are also hobbyhorses and toys rigorously handcraft.

Guided tour of the goldsmith village. In the middle age the artisans gathered here and they obtained the award by Giovanna D’Angiò as corporation. The jewels are characterized by the fantasy and creativity of The Neapolitan.

Guided tour of ancient Neapolitan tailoring. Naples is always been one of the most elegant city of Italy.  The neapolitan fashion includes the French, English and spanish styles. A lot of painters, writers, poets are came to naples to find inspiration, bringing with them international style. The tailors used these ideas for the new creations. Today the tailor-made clothe is a privilege and a luxury, it’s like to model a second skin.

Lunch in ancient pizzeria.

Sorrento Coast

Local Products

Inlay, sandals.

Day trips

Guided tour of the historical center of Sorrento and free time for relax and shopping.

Guided tour of the laboratory of inlay.Inalyis a method of decorating wood, dating from the Napoleonic era, it combines the ancient practice of carving with colored pieces of wood to create a pattern. In nineteenth-century the wood was in some cases replaced with copper, ivory, brass.

Guided tour of the museums of the Sorrentino Tarsier.

Lunch at traditional restaurant.

Amalfi Coast

Local Products

Moda mare Positano, ceramic of Vietri, paper of Amalfi.

Day trips

Guided tour of Positano.

Visit of a traditional tailor’s shop:In ’60  the “modapositano” was bornd in this little city. It was a strange style and it was esteemed beacuse it was different from tailors of the big city. The local tailors were helped by businessmen, as Fiorucci and Benetton, to create their personal lines of products, they mixed Indian gauzes with the ancient laces stolen from trousseaus.

Guided tour of Amalfi.

Guided tour of Museum of Paper of Amalfi.Museum of Paper of Amalfi.Amalfi was one of the maritime Republic with Pisa Genova and Venice, it was one of the first place where paper was discovered. Infact the marittime Republics had storehouses in Syria and Palestine, where there were the main paper manufacturing centers,infact the people of Amalfi learned this ancient art from the Asian.

Guded tour of Museum of ceramic of Vietri. The ceramic of Vietri is famous for the bright colours, the same of the Amalfi coast. This is an ancient art known in all the world.

Guided tour of ceramic factory.


Local Products

Sandals, jewelry.

Day trips

Trip by boat and guded tour of the Island.

Visit to sandals workshop. Capri is famous for this ancient art, sandals are used by many people in the world. Emperor Tiberio, who chose the Island as his abode, was used to wear sandals with gray sole and laces of leather on the ankles. The creativity of artisans has evolved in different types of disign, that are unique and well known in the world. The modern line isn’t different from the  sandals of Tiberio. Today these shoses are enriched with colored leather and precious stones.

Visit to  atelier of jewels.


Local Products

Ceramics, laces.

Day trips

Guided tour of the island.

Visit to a ceramic factory where you can observe the different phases of manufacturing.

Visit to a laces factory.  At the end of ’500 in Pozzuoli and Ischia the laces were already produced. The women of the Island used to wear long dresses with applied laces. Today laces and basket with laces are produced as the ancient tradition, the old ladies teach to young women this charming art.

Spa and wellness at Poseidon gardens.

Agro Nocerino Sarnese

Local Products

Instruments of popular music.

Day trips

Castagnette and tammorre. The origin of tammurriata dance are lost in the time, it’s one of the most seductive dance in the world. This dance is result of the union of different mediterraneancultures, that merged together in Naples several centuries ago. it’s impossible not to be overwhelmed by this dance.

Tammurriata, the instruments and the dance.

Torre del Greco

Local Products

The coral.

Day trips

Guided tour of Museum of Coral. You can found a lot of works of art, they are the evolution of different styles in the centuries and different kinds of manufacturing. The main materials are coral, mother of pearl, silver, turtle, slate, lava stones, cameos. These are jewels of inestimable value.

Visit of a manufacturing company of coral and its showroom.


Local Products

Silk form St. Leucio.

Day trips

Guided tour of the Royal Palace and the gardens.

Guided tour of the old town.

Guided tour of the historical complex of St. Leucio. It was born for want of King Ferdinado, he created a little comunity, calling it Fernandinopoli, where the people lived and worked the silk, their productions were so precious and famouse in the world that were used in Buckingham Palace and the White House.

The people who lived in st.Leucio had free education, free houses, here was born the first professional compulsory education  for women and men.

The hours of work were 11, while in the rest of Europe were 14.

For all the habitants of village there was a common fund, where each one deposited their profits. Here weren’t difference between persons, women a and man had equality. The main value was the fraternity.

It was a social experiment well-advanced for the time, a big model of justness ad social equity, never replayed, not even by Marx and by French revolution.

Visit of a manufacturing company of silk.