“Art seems to me to be a state of soul more than anything else.“

Marc Chagall


The peculiarity of Naples is found in the deep contradictions that you can experience in each and every corner, visitors can see real jewels of art, architecture, breath-taking landscapes, there are luxurious shops and workshops of artisans excelled, narrow streets close to the majestic roads and squares, all exists in a dynamic and vibrant ambient.

Guided Visit to the historical center.

Guided visit to the church of the Gesù Nuovo.

Guided visit to the church of Santa Chiara.

Guided visit to the monumental complex to San Domenico.

Guided visit to complex of San Lorenzo Maggiore.

Guided visit to Castel Sant ‘Elmo.

Guided tour to Angevin.

Guided visit to Castel dell ‘Ovo.

Guided visit to the National Archaeological Museum.

Guided tour to Museo of Capodimonte.

Guided visit to San Martino Complex.

Guided visit to Naples Underground.

Guided visit to San Carlo Theatre.

Guided visit to Plebiscito Square.

Walk on the Waterfront.

Panoramic tour by car or bus to  the city and hilly areas (Posillipo).


Ancient Pompeii covers 44 hectares of the excavated areas, it is the only archaeological site in the world that gives us the image of a complete Roman city.

Guided tour to Archaeological Site of Pompeii.

Walk around the city and visit the Shrine of Madonna of Pompeii.


There were found Around 300 bodies of victims of the eruption, you can visit the numerous domus full of frescoes and mosaics, the most important is the luxurious Casa dei Cervi, the Gym, the majestic building with outdoor pool, the decumannus with its several shops and the Sacellum of the Augustales, the Forum Baths, the main public toilets in the city.

Guided tour to Archaeological Site of Ercolano.

Roman Villas of Stabiae

The ancient Stabiae was founded in the seventh and sixth century BC, it was one of locations chosen by members of the aristocracy and the Roman ‘empire, here they built  luxury mansions in a panoramic position on the edge of the plateau Varano; with the eruption in 79 A.D. the city was buried under a layer of ash and lapilli of about 4 m, together with Pompeii and Herculaneum, but Stabiae returned to live very soon and it became famous for its therapeutic virtues of its thermal waters.

Guided tour to Archaeological Site of Stabiae, Villa Arianna and Villa San Marco.


Vesuvius is the only active volcano in continental Europe, dormant since 1944, whose birth dates back about 400.000 years ago. It’s one of the most dangerous because the surrounding area is densely populated. Today are now visible two peaks, on the left you can see the Mount Somma (1133 meters), on the right the Vesuvius cone (1281 yards), created after the famous eruption of 79 a.D.

Guided tour to Vesuvius, The tour includes a climb up to the crater at the height of 1281 meters, where you can enjoy a splendid view of the Gulf of Naples from Sorrento peninsula to Cape Misenum, Procida and Ischia.


Clinging on a rocky ridge, it offers one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, at the gates of the Divine Coast. Sorrento is a muse, inspiring life, dream and love, you’ll fall in love with Sorrento madly and forever.

Guided tour of the historic center.

Tour the shops.

Guided tour to Museo Correale.


Capri is one of the most exclusive touristic destinations in the world.
A beautiful island in the Bay of Naples, it boasts beaches with crystalline water, colorful architecture, secret caves once used by fishermen but also endless shopping and a bustling square rich of Italian flavors and spirit.

Guided tour to the island.

Guided tour to Villa Jovis.

Guided tour by boat to island Blue Grotto, Faraglioni.


The pearl of the Amalfi Coast. The beautiful landscapes clear blue sea, the smells, the sounds and the sensations leave you holding on to the hillsides anticipating your return.

Guided tour to the town.


Amalfi is the core and the soul of the “Amalfi Coast” by which takes its name.
The city that overlooks the sea is a place of incomparable beauty, rich in history and tradition; here the impressive set of houses stands out whilst clinging to the rock.
Its picturesque narrow streets once have experienced the glories of the powerful Maritime Republic (10th-20th centuries).

Guided tour to the Cathedral.

Guided tour to the town.


More than for its stunning scenery and beaches Ischia is well known one of the leading Natural springs centres in Europe thanks to its volcanic nature. You can find fumaroles, mud pools and springs spread across the town.

Guided tour to the island.


Ravello is a jewel of the Amalfi Coast, it is a nice little hilltop village, with breathtaking views overlooking the sea, rich in history and Grand Villas and Palazzos.

Guided tour of the city.

Guided tour to Villa Rufolo.

Guided tour to Villa Cimbrone.

Guided tour to Niemeyer Auditorium.

Guided tour to the Cathedral of Ravello.

Reggia di Caserta

Visit the Royal Palace of Caserta is like traveling back in time and reliving the splendor and greatness of the kingdoms of the 700 and 800. You can go over to the Royal Palace, including the Italian garden.

Guided tour to the Royal Palace.

Guided tour to the old town.


In addition to the cultural value, the importance of Paestum is linked to the excellent state of conservation of the property. The most striking thing  is the vision of three majestic temples placed in a green plain, they reflect different  lights depending on the hours and seasons. These large buildings are an outstanding example of the Doric style.

Guided tour to the archaeological site of Paestum.

Campi Flegrei

To the west of Naples stretches a large area of volcanic origin whose name is Campi Flegrei.
The origin of its name is Greek (phlegreios: burning) then “burning fields” so called exactly because of the presence of a myriad of large and small now dormant volcanoes.

Guided visit to the Temple of Serapis.

Guided visit to the Temple of Augustus.

Guided tour to the Flavian Amphitheatre (the third largest in Italy).

Guided tour to Solfatara.

Guided tour to the Baia Castle and the Archaeological Museum of the Campi Flegrei.

Guided tour to Arco Felice.

Guided tour to Cuma.