The HeArt of Italy is a luxury travel company, specializing in exclusive, customized and tailor made private tours and events.

We follow the highest level of luxury service.

We provide assistance  on your trip, from the start and throughout your stay.

We create events and “moments” packaged as a work of art.

We share our professional experience with people who wish to visit our land not just as a tourist, but through the eyes of those who live and love it, with the passion for travelling, and deep knowledge of the culture and flavors of the South Italy.

Ours is a new concept of travel that aims to offer a unique experience.

Our mission is to take you to the most beautiful places, let you walk the most amazing charming and suggestive routes, let you enjoy the most exclusive activities that will definitely enrich you as person.

This is a trip that puts together heart and art.

“But that is not true. The journey will never end. Only travelers come to an end. But even then they can extend their voyage in their memories, in their recollections, in their stories. When the traveler sat in the sand and claimed: “There’s nothing more to see” he knew it wasn’t true. The end of one journey is simply the start of another. You have to see what you have not seen, see again what have been missed the first time, see again what you already saw, see in the springtime what you saw in the summer, in daylight what you saw at night, see the sun shining where you saw the rain falling, see the crops growing, the fruits ripen, the stone which has moved, the shadow that was not there before. You have to go back to the footsteps already taken, to go over again or maybe add fresh ones alongside them. You have to start the journey anew. Always. The traveler sets out once more.”
Josè Saramago