Among vineyards, olive-trees, gardens of oranges and lemons, orchards, heaped-up rocks, green gorges in the hills, and by the bases of snow-covered heights, and through small towns with handsome dark-haired women at the doors – and pass delicious summer villas – to Sorrento where the poet Tasso drew his inspiration from the beauty surrounding him”.

Pictures from Italy, Charles Dickens, 1845

Clinging on a rocky ridge, it offers one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, at the gates of the Divine Coast. Sorrento is a muse, inspiring life, dream and love, you’ll fall in love with Sorrento madly and forever.
Sorrento retains the old world charm given by its position and by the parks, villas, gardens, orange groves and olive groves that are reflected in the blue waters, climb on the rocks.
The town is characterized by a maze of narrow streets overlooking artisan shops; some houses still retain the original medieval appearance, they are joined to each other with terraces and balconies almost touching.