“The most beautiful place that I have seen in the world, in all my travels is the view from Villa Cimbrone’s belvedere on a luminous winter day when sky and sea are so vividly light blue that it is impossible to tell them apart”.

Gore Vidal


Ravello is a jewel of the Amalfi Coast, it is a nice little hilltop village, with breathtaking sea views, rich in history and Grand Villas and Palazzos.
Villa Cimbrone, with the historic building and the beautiful secular park about six hectares, is considered one of the most important examples, in southern Italy, of botanic romantic Anglo-Saxon culture.
Villa Rufolo by ancient times has always been a favorite destination for musicians, artists and poets. Celebrated in the verses of Bocaccio, in its gardens Richard Wagner saw the materialization of his works and of his imagination. It contains in itself centuries of history, and magnificent and legendary works.
The structure of the villa is a unique historical and architectural interest, over the centuries has attracted the surprise and awe for the sophistication of the guests and travelers who had the pleasure to stay there.
In the end the Auditorium Niemeyer, is a cornerstone in the design philosophy of the Brazilian architect by which it takes its name. Controversial, as brave project, it is a symbol of intellectual development that has transformed the region over the centuries and has characterizes images and references.