“Capri -Queen of stone -
in your dress
amarenth and white
I lived together with my joy and pain
the vineyard full of radiant clusters
which I conquered from the soil…”

Pablo Neruda

Capri is one of the most exclusive touristic destinations in the world.
A beautiful island in the Bay of Naples, it boasts beaches with crystalline water, colorful architecture, secret caves once used by fishermen but also endless shopping and a bustling square rich of Italian flavors and spirit.
The incomparable scenery mixes nature, art and culture making Capri the most famous and desired Italian island.
A tour of the island by boat allows you to really experience the beautiful scenery and to admire the spectacular hidden views that are out of reach by land. Small hidden coves are the perfect place to explore, swim and relax in the warm Mediterranean sun.
Many are the caves you can visit such as the White Cave, the Green Cave and the famous Blue Grotto, are well known throughout the world for their intense colour.
Also be sure to pay a visit to “Il Salto di Tiberio” (“Tiberio’s Jump”), a place that according to legend, was used by the emperor to dispose of disobedient servants and unwanted guests.
So come and enjoy ‘La dolce Vita’ – the sweet life that only an idyllic Italian island can offer.