“Il viaggio è una specie di porta incantata attraverso la quale si esce dalla realtà come per penetrare in un’altra realtà inesplorata che sembra un sogno”

Racconto Al sole – Maupassant

Amalfi is the core and the soul of the “Amalfi Coast” from which takes its name.

The city that overlooks the sea is a place of incomparable beauty, rich in history and tradition; here the impressive set of houses stands out whilst clinging to the rock.

Its picturesque narrow streets once have experienced the glories of the powerful Maritime Republic (10th-20th centuries).
The architectural form of the Cathedral that dominates the main square of Amalfi has a complex history enriched by several styles that have once marked epochs.
Its scenic position gives to Amalfi a unique historic environment, as it stands at the top of a steep staircase that opens up between the houses around a small square.