Dolce&Gabbana choose Naples for Fall Winter 2016-2017 advertising campaign shot and for thirty years of maison

Naples is… discovery
On Via dei Tribunale a caffé owner invites us to have an espresso on the house. We’re here in Naples because we think these people are the best people in the world. Very strong. With unlimited heart. And for us Neapolitans are the most avant grade people in Italy. Plus we love the streets. It is still like the 1950s here, in a way. This is a place that hasn’t lost its roots and we appreciate that. We enjoy big cities and technology and embracing the future but to understand the life of the Italian people you need to see their roots …continue>>

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Discover Italy with BBC

British art critic Andrew Graham-Dixon and Italian chef Giorgio Locatelli explore the varied regions of Italy, sharing with each other their knowledge of the country’s culture and cuisine.


The most beautiful church in Italy is…

First in the ten most beautiful churches of Italy, there is the Church of SS. Annunziata di Vico Equense in Naples (Sorrento Coast). It is the unspeakable beauty of a church, in Gothic art, from the breathtaking landscape. It’s possible to admire, in fact, all the splendor of the Sorrento coast and the Gulf of Naples.
The most amazing place for your wedding in Italy!