Free visits to museums and archaeological sites

From 1 July this year a Ministerial Decree provides that every first Sunday of the month there is free access to all those state structures, be they libraries, archaeological excavations or museum spaces normally accessible only for a fee. In short, became a fixture by now, is a must for lovers of art and culture. In Naples, of course, where the historical evidence abound, the choice is very wide and is ready to satisfy your curiosity and desires of each tourist.

Grape harvest and nature in Sorrento Coast

On Sunday morning, our guests started the grape harvest through vineyards in Sorrento Coast.

Guided by mr. Antonio, who explained the best way to harvest the white grapes, following the traditional method, children and parents enjoyed themselves under a brilliant sun. They have spent the rest of the day visiting the “cantina”, participating in the production of the “Sireo” wine.

At lunch time the guests were welcomed in a panoramic pic nic area, where all the people involved in the grape harvest have shared typical dishes coming from the farmers tradition, the wine has brought happiness and helped all the participants to create a friendly atmosphere and enthusiastic mood that ended in songs and dance.

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