Naples’ Toledo is Europe’s most beautiful Metro station

Say the word subway and you think: dirty, dark and rats. But in Naples, Italy, an ongoing public art project has transformed 13 metro stations into works of art, with the most recent on Via Toledo being named one of The Daily Telegraph‘s most impressive undergrounds in Europe.

Also CNN have named Naples’ Toledo Metro station as top of the list of Europe’s most beautiful metro stations.

For the price of a subway fair visitors can wander through tunnels and admire sculptures that would be more than fitting to be featured in major metropolitan art galleries.

Naples’ Toledo station was opened in 2012, the 16th station on line 1, and links the city’s main shopping streets via Toledo. At 50 metres deep it is built below the ground water, yet the interior design is by Spanish firm Oscar Tusquets Blanca and as one of Naples’s Metro Art Stations this station’s theme is water and light. Indeed the railway has a long history in that part of the world with the Napoli-Portici, the first Italian railway line; it was built by the Bayard Company and opened in 1839. It now forms part of the Naples–Salerno line.

The art within Toledo was curated by Achille Bonito Oliva, works of art include two William Kentridge mosaics, designed by the South African artist but realised by Neapolitan artisans. In the deepest corridor of the station are Robert Wilson’s ‘Light Panels’ and works by Achille Cevoli. The station is also the meeting point for the Metro Art Tour.

Free visits to museums and archaeological sites

From 1 July this year a Ministerial Decree provides that every first Sunday of the month there is free access to all those state structures, be they libraries, archaeological excavations or museum spaces normally accessible only for a fee. In short, became a fixture by now, is a must for lovers of art and culture. In Naples, of course, where the historical evidence abound, the choice is very wide and is ready to satisfy your curiosity and desires of each tourist.

Grape harvest and nature in Sorrento Coast

On Sunday morning, our guests started the grape harvest through vineyards in Sorrento Coast.

Guided by mr. Antonio, who explained the best way to harvest the white grapes, following the traditional method, children and parents enjoyed themselves under a brilliant sun. They have spent the rest of the day visiting the “cantina”, participating in the production of the “Sireo” wine.

At lunch time the guests were welcomed in a panoramic pic nic area, where all the people involved in the grape harvest have shared typical dishes coming from the farmers tradition, the wine has brought happiness and helped all the participants to create a friendly atmosphere and enthusiastic mood that ended in songs and dance.

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